Saturday, 12 May 2012

Capsule Collection

Capsule Collection was the project I was set at the end of my first year at university. I really enjoyed this project as I was able to bring together 3 different projects which I had completed throughout my first year.

For this project I was asked to design a A/W 12/13 collection for a chosen designer. As part of a previous project I had to compare 4 different designers and from that project I was able to choose 1 designer to bring forward to my Capsule Collection Project. The designer I chose was French Connection. Then from another project I had to create a theme and colour palette that I could use for my Capsule Collection Project, the theme I brought forward was 'Elegance Of The Night Sky' this colour palette was made up of many blues and blacks hence night sky and for the elegance I was able to see that French Connect had very elegant garments that complimented the figure therefore I felt the theme chosen 'Elegance Of The Night Sky' fitted in quite well.

For my collection I wanted it to be wearable as all French Collections deigns are wearable. I feel that all of my collection is very elegant and compliments the female figure.

Theme & Colour Board - 
Trend Board
Final Collection (Fronts)
Final Collection (Backs)
White Boxes Where Left For Fabric Samples

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